Making Caravan Holiday Home Ownership A Reality


Owning a holiday home on a holiday park is a dream for many people. Holidaying with your family in your own caravan gives you the freedom to choose when and how long you want to stay, without the hassle of booking accommodation, delayed flights and dealing with passport control.


Also, holiday park facilities such as restaurants, swimming pools and onsite entertainment can make owning a caravan a cheaper option than many other holiday types, making it easier to budget for your stay.


The question you may be asking is what does this cost?


After the initial cost of the Caravan which can start from around £20,000, you’ll also need to pay for the upkeep and the onsite charges.


Once you’ve purchased your caravan the biggest expense you will need to pay are ‘site fees’. This is a fee paid by the homeowner to the site owner to cover the cost of using the park. Site fees vary from site to site and by individual pitches.


Other costs listed below are only an approximation, as like the site fees, they will vary from site to site.


Gas & Electricity £300 - £500 per year

Insurance £200 - £500 per year

Rates £200 - £1500 per year

TV & Broadband £500 approx.

Depreciation £2000 - £4000 per year



Of course, this can make owning a caravan an expensive purchase. However, you can offset these costs by subletting your caravan throughout the year. This will considerably reduce your yearly costs and during the summer months this can be quite profitable. Many holiday park owners can help you with managing letting out your holiday home. 


If you’re interested in purchasing a caravan our leisure fee funding can help with the cost of purchasing a holiday home or paying for site fees which can be spread easily into manageable monthly payments. If you’re a holiday park owner looking to offer your customers funding, then please contact Orchard Funding for more information.

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