Thank you for choosing Orchard Funding Ltd to
spread the cost of your membership fees.

Thousands of customers use our award winning facilities across a wide spectrum of markets from the professions, insurance and education sector.

We are proud of our heritage and we are confident you will find our product of great value.

How Does the Product Work

apply online for affordable membership fees
Membership fees made affordable
Membership fees made affordable
Membership fees made affordable
Membership fees made affordable

What fees will you charge me?

Peace of mind - our fees are fixed for the entire annual membership, so you have peace of mind.

Transparency - we work with your club and agree a price that makes sense for you as well as us. We will provide you with a clear indication when you apply, however as an example some clubs charge an interest rate of 6.70% per annum. This is an Annual Percentage Rate of 12.7%.

Example of your monthly commitments

Loan Amount £ 1,000
Interest Rate 6.7% (£67)
Total Cost to be Repaid £ 1,067
Monthly Payment Over 12 months £ 88.92
APR 12.7%

What if I can't pay the monthly instalments

  • If possible please contact us before your direct debit fails
  • We will try our best to help you but it may be that you are unable to continue with your monthly payment.
  • In this instance we would cancel the agreement and you would need to contact the club directly.

What will I need to complete this application form

  • Your bank account number- for us to collect your monthly direct debit
  • Your contact details – your name and address
  • Your club membership number – so your club can reconcile your fees
  • Your email address – so you can view/sign your credit agreement with us
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