The Benefits Of Independent Schooling Post Lockdown

Independent schooling 


In 2020 and 2021, UK school children had to contend with a new reality, many were now home-schooled due to the spring lockdown. The pandemic added an even higher level of chaos in education than before when it came around last year; schools struggled as they tried their best to keep up, but there was no way for them to prepare themselves enough for what would come next.


Many parents were thrown into becoming teachers for their own children, and the difficulties educating from home. This raised interest in the value of an Independent education. 


Independent schools are now becoming more and more popular with an emphasis on their smaller class sizes, teachers able to conduct live online lessons during lockdown, and greater levels of support for students, Independent schools have become an excellent option for parents wanting the best for their kids.

Financial accessibility


If your pockets are deep enough, then you can still find a way to afford an independent education. In the UK 6.5% of children attend an independent school and that many parents have found creative ways to cover their child’s tuition fees with help from financial planning support or taking out loans against properties they own for example through remortgaging them or drawing down on pension funds when necessary because it is not always money that's holding people back, it might be time constraints too!


Schools understand that the cost for an independent education may well be out of the reach for some, but maybe unknown to many, there is an option that is becoming increasingly popular. A monthly payment plan just like you would take out for purchasing a car of other expensive products, can help give a child the opportunity to access the best in education. Monthly payment plans can spread the cost, and help parents balance the books.


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