Attracting Students & Parents To Your Independent school

Attracting students and parents to your school

When parents are looking for a school that will cater to their child’s individual needs, most consider public schools. However, there is another way you can go: independent schools.

Independent schools are an excellent option for parents who want their children to be surrounded by peers with similar interests and abilities.


Millennials are the new generation of parents. They’re hyper-connected and they rely on their phone for all things Internet related.

That’s not to mention that millennials have less trust in advertising than any other age group, so it makes marketing to them even more difficult!

Getting more creative with how schools market themselves in order to attract a new generation of students is a great place to start.

It’s becoming more difficult to compete against other schools, such as state ones that have better resources for marketing thanks to their larger applicant pool size.

Independent schools had an easier time recruiting kids back when everyone knew about them; but due to socioeconomics changing things or because fewer people want children nowadays (UK birthrate), it’s getting tougher than ever before!

The competition has never been greater between private and public education systems.

Today’s Millennial parents are inquisitive, caring, and want to know the best way they can care for their children.

They’re looking for user-focused content that answers key questions about what is safe or healthy choices when it comes to things like food, education etc.

A multi-channel strategy with an emphasis on social media marketing will do wonders in this vertical market.

You have to market where your audience is, social media marketing is a cost-effective way to reach and engage with potential parents and pupils.

Posting regularly on social networks like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter will help your school grow their following.

Don’t forget that you need to post content of value, it’s got to be worth taking the time out of your day for posting if it isn’t going attract attention.

Old fashioned marketing through brochures is still relevant. Schools can increase their reach by distributing brochures or flyers in key public places such as supermarkets, doctors’ surgeries and anywhere else where parents might be shopping.

When using these methods be sure everything is of the highest quality. A poorly designed brochure or flyer that looks like it was put together in a hurry will not be effective.

Find your school’s (USP) unique selling point - what makes you different to other schools? This information is on your doorstep, speak to staff, pupils and parents to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the school.

You should use this information to create a focused marketing strategy and create content that will help to promote the school and attract new pupils.

What are the qualities of an independent school?

These include smaller class sizes, lower student-teacher ratios, higher college acceptance rates for graduates and more individualized attention from teachers.

Independent schools also offer greater flexibility in curricula and teaching styles, as well as experiential learning opportunities to enhance their students’ development.

To attract new students, independent schools should emphasize the quality of their teaching staff, curriculum offerings and extracurricular activities (such as clubs or sports).

Facilities such as libraries and sports clubs, and social initiatives like community engagement or after-school programs are also good points of interest to mention.

School fees - Making it an easier sell

One thing that always comes up in conversation is the cost of tuition. If they are looking for a school that offers more affordable education, independent schools can be the answer.

Many parents are not sufficiently informed when it comes to the available options for paying school fees. An affiliation with Orchard Funding’s School Fee Finance could be just what schools and parents need.

Schools won’t have to worry about managing a monthly payment option in-house because Orchard Funding will take care of this process for them.

Offering School fee Finance at your school can help to improve cash flow, improve annual budgeting and reduce administrative costs.

For more information on how School Fee Finance can help you attract more pupils

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