5 Tips to Improve Your Accountancy Website

The best way for accounting firms to showcase their expertise is through their website. The most effective strategy that many of them are missing out on involves utilizing the tools available right at their fingertips, with a focus on targeting and attracting potential clients rather than just using these features as afterthoughts.

For accounting services, 60% of people make their decision based on the firm's online footprint alone and that number rises when you take into account all industries in general! This means firms need to be aware of what tools they are using as well as maintaining an attractive website with eye-catching graphics.

Not all of us can spend time sifting through so much information quickly. Like people seeking accounting services, we're constantly faced with the challenge to distinguish ourselves from others in order to be heard. For firms wanting their message to resonate and stand out among competitors, a digital marketing strategy is needed today more than ever before, especially when it comes down to communicating or interacting online with an audience that's growing exponentially every day thanks largely due in part by increased usage of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets as well as other connected devices.

Digital Marketing has been defined many ways but for companies looking for success on the web this means having websites designed specifically for search engine optimisation (SEO), social media

With over 50% of business decisions being made online, digital marketing is the best way to get your accounting firm noticed. Here are five ways for you to market yourself and generate new clients:

1) Create an SEO-friendly website with optimized content that's user friendly on mobile devices. When starting out using Google ads is a quick way to get to the top of page one but will come at a cost.

For example the word 'accountant' has over 10000 searches a month. 'Accountancy' over 18000 searches per month, and 'business accounting' over 12000 searches per month.

When starting out using Google ads is a quick way to get to the top of page one but will come at a cost. However SEO can be more cost-effective.

2) Get active on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn - stay up-to-date about industry news or create a transparency campaign where current customers can speak their minds through customer reviews

3) Testimonials are invaluable to build trust through your website, and asking happy clients to write you a short review will give your firm an advantage.

4) Utilize video sharing sites like YouTube by creating informational videos designed around common questions often asked in regards to accountancy topics. Also a chat box will help customers make initial contact without the need for a phone call.

5) Remember clients are only interested in what you can do for them. An all singing and dancing website will only alienate potential customers. A simple and well designed website, with clear well written information, will go far to convincing clients your the right company for them.

If you're a new accountancy firm, think about using one of the many online website builders. Wix, Squarespace are easy to use, or if you are more ambitious, Wordpress will grow with your business with it's many plugins.


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