New Opportunities For Brokers

Coming out of lockdown

With the lockdown finally starting to lift and warmer weather on the way, we can be excited about what lies ahead. Now we are all getting out of the house to get a haircut, a visit to the pub, and the opportunity to meet friends and family once again. It’s finally starting to feel like normality is returning.

Life through Zoom just isn't the same as meeting in person. The lifting restrictions means people will hopefully be able to come together should soon become a reality. Following government guidelines is still important, but the ability to be out and about is a welcome one.

Time for brokers to make those calls

With many industries opening up again, there's never been a better time for brokers to contact potential clients or customers. Your clients business may have changed due to lockdown, or their insurance needs to be reactivated. It's been a rough, tough year for finances.

With normality starting to return, there are certainly opportunities for brokers. If your clients business has changed because of the lockdown, it’s time to contact them and find out what they need. Maybe now is a good time for some new insurance?

Premium finance is a great way for customers to spread the cost over monthly payments. No more being left without protection from life's uncertainties because of a lack of cash, making it affordable and easy to budget, and giving your clients access to the cover they need.

Orchard is here to help

Our team at Orchard Funding are here to support you in growing your insurance business. If you are looking for new funding or are looking at an in house facility, then do get in touch.

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