Client Interview

Jamie McGilvray ACIB Director & Co-Founder of Versa Accountants, talks about the benefits of working with Orchard Funding Ltd.

What problems, if any, were you trying to resolve by switching to Orchard Funding?

We have used Orchard Funding for over 10 years and built an excellent relationship. They offer a fantastic finance solution for our clients, and extremely easy to deal with. 

How did you hear about us, and what made us stand out from your existing provider?

We were first introduced to Orchard Funding by one of the founders Chris Meyer, and have used their services ever since.  It’s so rare these days to have such a long standing relationship that you can call a trusted partner in striving to achieve world class customer service.

What was the driving force behind you taking steps to join Orchard Funding?

Chris Meyer, no non-sense business approach, reliable and extremely efficient.

If you were to tell another Accountant about us, what feature or benefit of our service would you recommend and why?

Close personal relationship, straight forward approach to business, efficient, long standing proven business, always contactable, they offer a great solution to clients who may wish to spread their fees, especially in the current climate.

Now that you have worked with us as a partner, what has the experience been like, and what has really stood out?

The longevity, usually there would be some personnel change, and with Orchard there hasn’t.  This has helped build a really strong relationship where both sides truly understand each other’s business. Also, the efficient nature of Chris in getting things done.

Has anything about us surprised you?

The service has always been top class, so I guess I would say to keep that level up for over 10 years has surprised me.

Finally, based on your experience would you recommend us to other businesses out there?

100%, we actively do this and would continue to do so.

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