Client Interview

Paul Byett of Hacker Young Chartered Accountants talks about the benefits of working with Orchard Funding Ltd.


What problems, if any, were you trying to resolve by switching to Orchard Funding?

Our previous fee funding provider seemed to change policies frequently which just meant that the funding to the Practice became slower.

How did you hear about us, and what made us stand out from your existing provider?

We met Orchard at a conference and they appeared to be fresh, keen and totally professional. 

What was the driving force behind you taking steps to join Orchard Funding?

The real difference was the faster receipt of funding.

If you were to tell another Accountant about us, what feature or benefit of our service would you recommend and why?

The key to any fee funding system is the IT platform and ease of use.  We never have a problem with Orchard, and at the same time we have specific account contacts with whom we build a rapport.

Now that you have worked with us as a partner, what has the experience been like and what has really stood out?

The smooth operation is the main positive – we do not seem to have rejections or anomalies as we can speak to real named contacts in the event of an issue.

Has anything about us surprised you?

It takes a lot to surprise me, but the swift movement to electronic signature acceptance was impressive in the circumstances.

Finally, based on your experience would you recommend us to other businesses out there?

Yes – our main driver is to wrap a number of annual services into one agreement rather than constantly battling with agreeing new fees for new services, and then having credit control issues to collect such fees.

Paul Byett LLB (HONS) FCA

Managing Partner