Major new funding product for clubs launched

A financial services PLC has brought out a finance product specifically for clubs – the first of its kind in decades.

Orchard Funding Group PLC, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is considered a market leader in both the professions and insurance finance markets, has this year expanded into new sectors - private education, property and now clubs.

Orchard Funding Group PLC’s team

  • The company has launched a product that will fund membership subscriptions, plus it is providing finance solutions for a range of club and course expenditure.
  • The membership subscriptions funding works if members want to pay their annual subscriptions by Direct Debit; if so, Orchard Funding can pay the club the full amount in advance or over staged payments and the club can choose the rates of interest and even if they want to earn commission.

“We are providing clubs and members with more choice when it comes to paying membership fees,” said business development manager, Gina Topping.

“There is a lot of flexibility in our product which I know from experience, clubs need. For example we can pay out in 10 days or in three staged payments – whichever suits the club’s finances best.

“Our rates start from 3.50% for a 12 month plan which provides a workable alternative to a club’s in-house scheme. Or it gives scope for a club to earn 3% rebate – making a good return on the club’s subscription income.

“Also, if a member misses a payment we adopt a very flexible approach to help keep the plan in place rather than quickly debiting back to the club.

“Together with the support of our field business managers and core team on hand in our Luton-based office, we can provide clubs with a very friendly, efficient service and will work closely with your club andmembers at all times.”

Topping added that Orchard Funding is also offering funding options for clubs to carry out projects, including the purchase of course machinery and refurbishing clubhouses.

Orchard Funding Group PLC has been offering niche financial products since 2002. For more information, email or call Gina Topping on 01582 346291